Training participants will gain theoretical and practical knowledge, learn the tools and the process of creating a crisis communication strategy inside and outside the organization.

A maximum of 10-12 participants can take part in the training at one time. It is possible to organize meetings and individual workshops.

The training consists of two parts: theoretical and workshop.


Theoretical part

Participants will learn the rules of conduct in crisis situations:
– classification of crisis situations
– risk analyzes, strategies to counteract the effects, preparation for a potential crisis
– crisis scenarios
– responsibilities and allocation of tasks
– preparation of the crisis management book
– organization of a crisis management team
– how to deal with stress in a crisis situation
– possible barriers and errors in crisis management
– information flow procedures after a crisis situation


Workshop part

Based on the case study, participants will practice ways of behaving in crisis situations:
– case study tailored to the industry and client’s needs
– depending on the scenario, tasks may take the form of crisis simulations
– developing at various stages of the crisis development, press releases, messages for the needs of social media
– work in front of the camera — a staged conversation with a TV reporter, recording the speech and then analyzing it
– the possibility of carrying out part of the training in a real radio studio in Lublin, in the presence of a journalist and sound engineer in the form of a staged crisis interview


Training addressees

– spokespersons and press office employees as well as other persons responsible for contact with the media
– managers, managers, employees of PR / marketing / sales departments
– staff of crisis management structures



Depending on the selected module / program, the group of trainers is selected individually. Crisis management trainings are conducted (modules or the whole day of training):

  1. Former veteran of the Iraq war, Lieutenant Colonel Dipl. at rest. An expert in the field of security and crisis management. He managed the protection and security of Polish and multinational units in Karbala (Iraq). Participant of several dozen combat actions in the areas of military operations. During his service in Iraq, he has repeatedly conducted training for media representatives in the field of security in the mission area. He has extensive experience in operating in various stressful situations. Participant of training courses on counteracting terrorism conducted by the Central Command of the US Armed Forces in Qatar. A graduate of the National Defense University in Warsaw.
  1. An expert with over 20 years of experience in PR, a long-term member of the management board and then the supervisory board of the Polish Public Relations Association, co-author of many crisis management books for Polish enterprises and public institutions. He conducted crisis activities, including for WSK PZL Świdnik, ORLEN Upstream, Polfa Lublin, Lublin City Hall and TEZET GAZ.
  1. Former TVP journalist, managing editor, author of several dozen intervention programs. He has many years of experience in training for business groups.
  1. Former journalist of Radio Lublin, managing editor, author of several dozen intervention programs, has many years of experience in training for business groups.


Cost: Determined individually.
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