Cumulus PR provides a professional public relations services, as well as consulting and communication in business services. We are the largest public relations agency in Eastern Poland.

Cumulus PR is part of the Cumulus Group. Thanks to the cooperation with other entities that are part of the Group, we can quickly, comprehensively and optimally - when it comes to financial terms - carry out all kinds of tasks from the marketing communication field.


We offer services and long-term solutions that we adapt to the various needs of our clients. We maximize the progress by carefully chosen plan of communication activities.



Cumulus PR was founded in 2008 however it derives some of its experience in the field of business communication and marketing, from The Cumulus Group, which has existed since 1998.

We implemented marketing and PR campaigns for medium and large companies from Poland and abroad including Italy, Romania, Lithuania and more.

Our agency worked with companies from many industries. We are experienced enough to incorporate the best ideas into a new, creative campaigns to generate better quality and unique synergies.

All Cumulus PR employees are professionals and experts with not only practical experience, but also professional preparation for work in PR.

Jan Matysik, founder and CEO of Cumulus PR is also the chairman of the Polish Public Relations Association, the largest industry organization in Poland, bringing together PR professionals.

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